Sunday, February 14, 2010

Time, Life, or Something Like It

It's like train tracks
only not
less permanent, less directed
Like shooting stars
sling-shot sent
less fleeting
maybe just as fleeting

A thousand sparks exploding at once
being shot in every direction
hovering a moment like stars
like dew drops to the clouds
before showering down and shattering against the pavement

The point is
its bright and its fleeting and its yours
and the wayitworks
what I like to believe
is all of this magnificent light
all these paths crossing and exploding
sometimes crashing, fragmenting, and cascading to the earth
in tiny wondrous particles

My favorite though is that erie synchronicity
the harmony created when two paths
are running parallel
and it feels like forever and everything and nothing
and the only light you can see is the one racing alongside your own

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