Sunday, February 14, 2010

On Following The South Star

Hey, tell me
start reinventing
We could
replace our eyeballs with googly eyes
and waste time creating constellations
.We can count out of order
and mis-teach young children
,we could organize library books
by book jacket color
.You could be minister of silliness
,and I could be a carousel
.We could print newspapers
of entirely comics and crosswords
,and jump on the sofas until someone gets hurt
defy, define, disfigure
the social structure
morph it into some horrible ugly creature
that only a mother could love
.(and how we will love it)
And if we focus on
maps that lead to nowhere
and face-making contests
with the toddlers on the bus
,we might not notice
run in my stockings, the
hole in your hat,
and we could make pictures out of
the cracks in the paint,
and find shapes
in the grayblack clouds
that are slowly encroaching.

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