Sunday, February 14, 2010

through my ceiling tiles
foot prints
tiny pit-pat rats, mice
speeding in circles-startled by each other
gnawing on wires

and above them
I’m tracing your steps
heavy today
something is bearing down on you
pushing on your sternum
wrapping around your spine
tugging at your toes

screech of chair legs
you stand up
the cushion gasps
you sit down
the cushion sighs

further away, a door opens.
another set of feet
light, unassuming, tentative
c l o s e r c l o serclose
muffled sounds
“mrhrmbmf? hmmrbnsoomf, fmmbrgl…”
“mrrfgd! hrmmffggh!”
fartherfa r t h e r f a r gone

a door shuts
I'm suddenly grateful
for the stairs and the chairs
and the rugs and the rats
between your heavy feet and I.

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