Sunday, February 14, 2010

space for rent

It's a mess in there,
therefore it is timorously, and with hurried apologies
that I give the tour
to the dauntless few that work their way in.

Though chaotic and disheveled
there is some semblance of organization.
You will note in passing, here,
cubbies and compartments
(these are important)
not terribly structured, ever changing
but crucial regardless

for instance
your face, painted purple with rage
fists tight, knuckles white
steaming flecks of spit
punctuating a litany of
the nastiest of words;
has one compartment.
and this compartment
must remain separate from

your palms,
wide, open, protecting,
smoothing down my hair
the top of my head
your eyes
softened, sweet,

The sections all may coexist, but must remain apart.
You walk onward.

I see you stumble over

wires that don't quite connect
bustling with sparks of electricity
trying desperately to reach one another.

And as we pass,

I appreciate you not asking about the shadows
on that wall just there.
The amorphous obscurities
dark shapeshifters,
ominous and sneering;
I am silent as you avert your eyes.

I've been having troubles with the lighting
as well, you notice

flashes of color, excitement
they come and go,
often flickering excitedly, then fading out.
but, occasionally, they come in incredible bursts,
brilliant and radiant,
making hollow the few seconds after.

And suddenly, after turning a corner
I look back and realize
you're no longer behind me.

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