Sunday, February 14, 2010


Your heart beat is keeping me up
Your breathing misaligned with mine
the clashing pattern is drilling through my pores

It’s too hot
the stifling heat
rising through the wooden floorboards
and your heavy body
is trapping me in

I see your jacket
draped over the back of the chair
once I found it
adorably oversized
but lately the dragging sleeves
and too-broad shoulders
are an un-fulfilled promise,
empty space you don’t quite reach

I pry myself from your arms
-once protective, now dead weight-
and hear my own bare feet kissing the floor
(cool relief)

Out the window
I see the dimmest glimmer
of where pink will soon burst to life
dusting the horizon

a glass of water from the tap
tipping toes all the way back
and blinking eyes open, you smile
and it drills through my poresbonesheartlungs

I lay back down
and try desperately to sync my breathing with yours.

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