Monday, January 17, 2011

limited visibility

Limited Visibility

I come here,
tongue, wits, pen
all sharpened, ready to
slice down my center
watch my insides spill out
across the stark page
trying to get at that infernal internal pounding
driving me through this dreary wednesday

Hopefully I can pick through the mess
and find the weight laying heavy inside me
in one “Aha!” moment
(perhaps it will be shaped like a
butterfly, like the popular childrens game
and maybe I can duplicate the ease with which
it is extracted;
tiny careful hands,
steady now…)

There’s something steadily working through me
like a fog drifting in from over the horizon
and soon the buildings of my thoughts are obscured
only their pointed black tops visible
cutting through the thick mist
the shiny wet streets of possibility
twist into the distance and vanish,
fuzzy before my strained eyes
If a car were to come at this moment
by the time I saw its headlights
I’d already be breathless against the ground


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