Sunday, September 27, 2009


There's something deliciously indulgent about staying home sick. It's like an excuse to treat yourself right, and to do all the nice things you usually neglect. Apart from the coughing sneezing runny nosing headaching blugh-ness of this weekend, it's been nice eating soup and drawing and watching bad tv and listening to nice music and snuggling with my favorite blanket.
Although tonight I will probably have to start to do Actual Work because I have a lot of homework, and since I'm missing school on monday for JewThings I should probably start the frantic catch-up process a little early.

But for now, Roald Dahl and painting, hurray!

Once I feel better I think I'd like to spend a day next weekend thrift-store hunting. I'll ready my harpoon and read up on Silly Hat Calls.

S'all for now!

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