Wednesday, August 19, 2009

sentimental heart

I just got home from seeing 500 Days of Summer. It was phenomenal and I enjoyed it a lot more than really any of the movies I've seen in a while. There were so many little creative segues and bizarre techniques or scenes that made it positively adorable/wonderful. However, in retrospect I did feel a bit targeted. Like the writer and director were sitting around going "heh let's have them meet over the smiths. And he'll wear a cardigan to work! Know what else I bet they'd love? little animated birds. Do you think we can have the characters quote shakespeare? We should try and make indie kids poop their little skinny jeans over this movie."
Also, the soundtrack was great. But my reaction to every song that played save one or two was, "aw man I know this! And I love this! Shit, I hope this soundtrack isn't a repeat of what happened to Juno's soundtrack..."
Also, I didn't like the girl who played autumn, or the whole concept of him meeting her blah blah. If you aren't gonna have a happy ending, don't have one. Just don't half-ass it.
Still though, I really really liked the movie.

Summary: woo.

Moving on. I'd really like a pet goat. I never realized how great they were as creatures until today! I was helping out with barnyard at camp, and I went in to help one of the kids with the goats. I kneeled down to pet one, and it nuzzled me with its head and like burrowed itself in my arms. It was like a cross between a baby deer and a really really adorable dog. Which is incredible. And they were all skinny and muscley like deer. But furry and cuddly and friendly like puppies. Gah.

Summary: goats are a lot less silly than I previously considered them to be, and are in fact, quite adorable.

Gah k sleepy this is all.

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