Thursday, April 16, 2009

On every square foot of our planet, something has died. And in most of those square feet, something dead is breaking down, or something dead was buried. People get the creeps walking in graveyards, because you're walking on dead bodies, but it's no different anywhere else. It's just how recently dead things are. Most of it is already decomposed, or well along in the process. It's also interesting to think about how most of the natural-growing plants and grass is fed by death, and rotting materials. That or waste products. It isn't creepy, it's just a natural part of life. But it's weird to think about.
Along the lines of what's going on beneath the surface, people are much more strange to watch if you think about all the muscles at work in every movement, and the bones supporting all of it. Especially interesting is thinking about all the muscles in the face when watching someone's changing facial expressions.
Also strange to think about, is how everyone you know now will die. And how probably at least half of those people will die before you. If at the end of their life, one were to tally up all the people they have known that have died, I feel like it would be an astonishingly large number. It seems smaller because we don't hear about most of the deaths. That's another odd thing to think about. How your regular clerks at dunkin donuts, or the gas station, or the man you always see at the grocery store, will all die and you will probably never know about it.
Anyways, on to less morbid topics!
I planned to write in this at least 3 times a week when I created it, but with finals, thesis papers, and generally large work loads, I forgot about it in the past month or so. But with my thesis paper nearing completion, and april break a mere 24 hours away, I'll probably be able to update with more regularity.

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